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The 5 Kinds of Useless Music Reviews

Writing about music is hard work. You’re never more than one lazy choice away from falling into cliche, or worse. But in my ongoing quest to learn by examples, there are certain examples that seem to come up again and … Continue reading

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We Are the Works in Progress pays beautiful homage to Japan’s reconstruction

Following the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March of last year, Kyoto native Kazu Makino, with her bandmates in Blonde Redhead, has brought together a new compilation album to benefit the ongoing reconstruction efforts. The 14-song album includes … Continue reading

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An undergrad on the opportunities of the “academic spring”

One publisher’s support for the Research Works Act in the U.S., and a similar bill in Australia, seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back—the camel, in this case, being the long-suffering community of academic researchers who … Continue reading

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Following the threads to Blues Funeral

It’s tempting to think of Mark Lanegan as a recluse. It’s been eight years since Bubblegum, the Mark Lanegan Band’s last album. But those eight years have actually been a prolific period for him. He’s recorded collaborative albums with Greg … Continue reading

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Inaugural post and introductions

My last journal was a book, and it had the bad luck to be inside a backpack that was stolen out of my car, last Friday night. The theft made me think a little about the illusion of privacy — … Continue reading

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