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Beautiful Noise Reaches its Funding Goal!

With barely a day left to go, the documentary project Beautiful Noise has reached its crowd-funding goal of $75,000. I’ve been excited about this project, but like a lot of music fans, I’ve also been watching it with one eye … Continue reading

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Kasparov on Artificial Intelligence

I enjoyed this article on the New York Review of Books website, excerpting an essay by the chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov from the book Chess Metaphors: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind. In it, Kasparov talks a little about the … Continue reading

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Toys, Hypotheticals, and Crystal Castles

By way of gadget lust and preamble, let me share something with you: These are both KORG goodies. (The image is from a promotional video you can visit here, if you’re curious.)  The one on the left is the Kaossilator Pro, which … Continue reading

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